The Making of a Belgian Beer Label

Muddy Roots mascot, Uncle Dave Bacon is a star in Belgium!

Imagine a Jack Daniel’s-flavored Belgian beer. It’s on the way and Muddy Roots artist Christoph Heuer has designed the label!

You might not know it but you’ve seen Christoph Heuer’s work for the last couple of years. He spends his day time hours illustrating books and teaching art classes, but his evenings are devoted to countless hours of drawing and painting Muddy Roots inspired art. He created the pig playing banjo that we’ve dubbed “Uncle Dave Bacon.” He has painted western posters for us, designed shirt logos and even a skateboard. You may also have noticed him at Muddy Roots Europe in Belgium with his art pad and water colors feverishly painting at the front of stage and capturing the essence of the performers.

The Cowboy Up Saloon in Waardamme, Belgium is home to the Muddy Roots Europe Festival held annually in June. It is also an American style steakhouse open all year long for lunch and dinner. They are working with a local brewery to make a beer that is flavored by soaking in Jack Daniel’s barrels. It will be sold exclusively at Cowboy Up Saloon. Nicky Van Moerbeke, the owner, asked Christoph to design the label for this special brew.

Here are a number of drawings that led to the development of the beer label design. Though he is not a beer drinker, he still enjoyed this work A LOT! Here are the steps he took to design the Triple Jack Blond Beer label for Cowboy Up.

The Making Of A Beer Label Design
Muddy Roots Beer

Muddy Roots Beer Christoph Heuer

Cowboy Up Jack Daniels Beer

Christop Heuer Beer Label

Cowboy Up Jack Daniels Beer 2

Christop Heuer Beer Label 2

Muddy Roots Beer Christoph Heuer 3

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