A Letter From Hank Williams’ Mother After His Death

(Written one year after Hank’s death.)

           You have gone first and I am so alone with only sweet memories of you. I walk the road alone only the wonderful thought that you are still that “Little Boy of Mine.” It seems only yesterday that you would crawl up on my lap and ask me to sing, that “Little Boy of Mine,” and when I’d finish, you would ask me to take you fishing. Then you, Irene and I would pack our lunch and go. We were all so happy then and now I am so lonely without you, honey, but I will always be with you. No matter where I go, my thoughts as always of you. When I close the door to your room at night I feel like I am saying goodnight to you, for darling, everything you touched is part of me. I am so  glad to have your friends and fans come to our home to see your room and all your personal belongings, because you were so proud of your home. Darling, I can just hear you say, “Mother, it doesn’t look so good, but it is home to me,” and you always said you thought it was the most beautiful place on earth. You would say “Mother, this is home, not a show place.” Darling, I know you mean a lot to other people, but to me, you’ll always be that “Little Boy of Mine.”


(Hank Williams and his mother)

            It doesn’t seem like a year since you left me alone. But deep down in my heart, Son, I will always be proud of the sweet things you said to me. Like when you crawled up in my lap Christmas day and said, “Mama, I am so happy to be home with you again. Please sing that ‘Little Boy of Mine’ like you did so many times while I was growing up.” And the dreams you told me about. You would smile and say “I am so happy because I dreamed of heaven last night, I thought I had gone there, and I was going up a flight of long, white stairs and the Lord me t me and took my hand and said, “Welcome home, my son’.” And I remember how you had gone to the chapel on Christmas Eve and prayed, and asked the sisters to pray with you. There is so much I remember, Hank, on that last day you were home with me, so very much that I can’t begin to put it all on paper. But it is in my heart Son, and I will have those happy hours to remember as long as I live. Then came the sad day, Son, they called me and said you had gone to make that dream come true. You’ve been gone a year, but deep down in my heart you are still with me and I love you so much, that little boy of mine.

            New Years is made to be happy and gay, but how can I be happy since you have gone away? I know New Years is supposed to be fun.
But not for me, without my darling son.

            But I will try to keep going and give thanks. Because you, my son, left us darling little Hank. So with this thought and a little smile, I say wait for me, Hank son.
I’ll be along in a little while.”  

– “Lillie” Williams

(Hank Williams funeral)  Listen to the death announcement here and the funeral broadcast here.

Hiram KingHankWilliams September 17, 1923 – January 1, 1953

Jessie Lillybelle “Lillie” Skipper Williams August 12, 1898 – February 26, 1955 – Mother

Lonzo Huble “Lon” Williams December 22, 1891 – October 25, 1970 – Father

Excerpted from an original Hank Williams memorial produced by Thurston Moore in 1954, and later rewritten to be used as a radio tribute to Hank Williams on the anniversary of his death on January 1st by hundreds of DJs annually.

Published in the 1960 edition of “The Original Country Music Who’s Who.”

-Jason Galaz 2016.

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