Texas Band Traps Wild Hogs To Pay For TV Show

Feral hogs are tearing up Texas and the Urban Pioneers are doing their part to help eradicate the problem. While not on the road performing they are on their family ranch trapping these wild beasts and taking them to the slaughterhouse to cash in! They’re saving up to start their own tv show “High On The Hog.”  We are thinking it is going to be like the old variety show “Heehaw” but will wait to see what they come up with.

The feral hog problem is a growing issue for farmers, ranchers and tourists across the U.S. and Canada, but especially in Texas. They can eat up whole crops, cause massive erosion, eat your farm animals food and then the animals themselves. Brutal.

The problem is so bad that it is now legal to kill these vicious beasts in damn near any fashion. Some people even fly over them with helicopters and machine gun whole packs down. But hey, this band is no Ted Nugent up there gunning down pigs to make a political statement. They’re taking destructive animals and processing them in to the food chain old school trapper style.

MMMMMM, BACONNNN. (Admit it, you read that in the Homer Simpson voice)

Who are the Urban Pioneers? Check them out here.

We’ve been following along on social media and will keep you updated.
#hoglife is the new #thuglife cuz trapping pigs is dangerous AF.


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