Sturgill Killing It On SNL Changes The Music Industry.

So you say you want a music revolution? Here is your “Call To Arms.”

So you say you want a music revolution? Well here is your “Call To Arms.”  Yeah we know that’s not what the song is about but we’re using it as our battle charge. It’s time we take a good solid look at what is happening in the music business.  Authentic, home grown music is making a comeback and it’s time we all pitch in more for the good fight.

Last night John Sturgill Simpson unleashed a fury of a performance of “Call To Arms” on Saturday Night Live that has the the internet exploding! A piano kicking, guitar smashing, “all horns on deck” performance.

There was a time when record labels would go out and “discover” incredible artists to bring to market. You spent your time mastering your craft and building a fan base on the road and they’d pick you up and build your name to increase your value. Then the “music row” machine figured out that it was much easier to streamline the process by creating demand for musicians they already had in their pocket. All you needed to do was be who they told you to be. It’s much easier to profit when you standardize the process like a factory line. No time to waste seeking out authentic talent when you can slap a cowboy hat and jeans on a monkey you have in your cage. Well, we’re tired of it.

Roughly 10 years ago a small shift in the underground roots scenes started taking place. We started complaining about how bad “pop country” was or how terrible most radio music was. We started organizing our own events with no regard to what was happening in the mainstream.  Bands from our communities started gaining a larger fan base organically and before you knew it the roots ripples became waves.  Musicians like Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Isbell have busted out of the underground scenes straight to the top of the mainstream charts and often appearing on late night television shows. It’s working.


It’s not going to stop there folks! Not if you pay attention to what you’ve done to help and pitch in even more. You see, our voices made the change and our dollars made the difference. Do you want more authentic music on the radio? Do you want to see “REAL” artists making a living from their music? All you need to do is buy their music.  It’s really that simple. Your dollars are votes as to what the markets pay attention to. “Music Row” execs could give a damn what they’re selling you. They’ll follow the dollar and we’ll follow our favorite artists and friends straight to the top.

Do it now. Head over to your favorite download source or head to your local record shop and ask for Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price, Chris Stapleton & Jason Isbell. That’ll get you started down the right path to the hundreds of other bands making their way up the ladder now. Do it now or the good stuff will go away and they’ll (Music Row) keep feeding us processed crap like a country music drive thru.

Most of you have seen last Sturgill’s January 15th, 2017 performance on SNL. If you missed it you can find it HERE.  Folks looking to see where he came from can watch the video below. Damn good ol’ country music.

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