For the Love of Wanda Jackson!

“The Queen of Rockabilly,” is also a first-class country singer, and don’t you forget it!

By Randy Fox

If there’s one thing that country and rockabilly fans can agree on, it’s their love of Wanda Jackson. The Queen of Rockabilly stopped by The Vinyl Bunker in Nashville this weekend for a short visit, in advance of her appearance at this year’s Nashville Boogie.


Wanda Jackson with the “Mudfather” Jason Galaz – Photo by And How! Imaging

In the rush to acknowledge Wanda’s accomplishments as a rock’n’roll pioneer, people sometimes forget what a truly incredible country singer she is. (And it’s worth noting that although Wanda has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, she still has not been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.)

Here’s a rare clip from a 1973 episode of Hee Haw, featuring Wanda singing one of her lesser known country singles. “Tennessee Women’s Prison” was released by Capitol Records in December 1972. Incredibly, it failed to chart but was also featured on her 1973 LP, Country Keepsakes.

It’s an all-time favorite here at the offices of The Rambler. Just listen to the way Wanda sings the line, “Missing even mom and dad, and a man to hold me tight.” If you don’t get chill bumps there’s just something wrong with ya!

Wanda will be rockin’ the house and breakin’ hearts at this year’s Nashville Boogie, May 18-21. Tickets are available at!

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